Memorial BRana Balbozar

Am 04.12.2010 fand auf den Sims von Galaxy Fleet Command eine Trauerfeier für BRana Balbozar statt.
BRana war meine Frau in Secondlife u n d weit mehr als eine Freundin im realen Leben.
Ich habe Melanie von wahrem Herzen geliebt. Das einzige, was mir nun bleibt, ist sie in Erinnerung zu behalten und an die guten Stunden mit ihr zu denken.

Dies ist das Chatlog der Trauerfeier. Einige Bilder habe ich mit angefügt.

Lebe wohl, meine Mel, meine BRana, meine Prinzessin und Traumfrau. Du bleibst in meinem Herzen. Für immer.

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[2010/12/04 13:06]  Cobramax Mechanique: Welcome all to the GFC Memorial service for Ens BRana Balbozar
[2010/12/04 13:06]  Cobramax Mechanique: Ens BRana Balbozar was a member, of Galaxy Fleet Command, she was an Officer, she was a proud Klingon
[2010/12/04 13:07]  Cobramax Mechanique: but most of all she was a friend
[2010/12/04 13:08]  Cobramax Mechanique: just a few more pieces of information about her life here in the Fleet
[2010/12/04 13:08]  Cobramax Mechanique: she was invited to the Fleet on Sunday, March 23, 2008
[2010/12/04 13:09]  Cobramax Mechanique: she was an Ensign by the autumn of that year
[2010/12/04 13:09]  Cobramax Mechanique: and by order of the Admiraly, she is herby promoted posthumous to LtJg
[2010/12/04 13:10]  Cobramax Mechanique: but, most of all, she really enjoyed being with us, and we with her
[2010/12/04 13:10]  Cobramax Mechanique: Death is a part of life and all that lives must at one point come to an end. No one is promised a certain amount of time, and tomorrow is promises to no one.
[2010/12/04 13:11]  Cobramax Mechanique: It is not the amount of time we spend on this plane of existence and awareness but the quality in which we as individuals, communities, groups and humanity as whole fill the time given.
[2010/12/04 13:11]  Cobramax Mechanique: We perceive time and life as linear mono directional process with a clear defined beginning in birth and a clear defined ending in death. Thus many religions and philosophies link the process of living to a journey, a journey through time.
[2010/12/04 13:12]  Cobramax Mechanique: From the dawn of human existence the mystery of life and death have preoccupied our civilization as a whole like no other subject ever has, as it is absolutely fundamental and the only guarantees given in our existence.
[2010/12/04 13:12]  Cobramax Mechanique: This subject spawned religions, philosophies and traditions and as manifold our cultures are, so are the ways cultures and groups deal with this subject.
[2010/12/04 13:13]  Cobramax Mechanique: GFC is a distinct group of individuals united by a common denominator of Star Trek and its underlying philosophy of common good, tolerance towards others and a positive outlook to the future, where individuals may perish but the spirit and idea as whole never dies.
[2010/12/04 13:13]  Cobramax Mechanique: Born out of a TV series, something normally neither associated with long-lived, philosophy or cultural impact, Star Trek had a tremendous impact upon society if compared with other forms of media or fictitious serialized events.
[2010/12/04 13:13]  Cobramax Mechanique: It had and has endured against all odds and there seems to no near end in sight. SFCSLQ patterns its group structure after a distinct organization within the Star trek universe: Star Fleet.
[2010/12/04 13:14]  Cobramax Mechanique: Star Fleet in this fictitious future takes its traditions from mostly Terran naval sources, namely the US and British Navy, right down to the way weddings, funerals and any other military tradition is conducted,
[2010/12/04 13:14]  Cobramax Mechanique: with of course variations reflecting the futuristic nature. Today we are gathered to pay our respects to Ens BRana Balbozar who was a valuable member of this group who shared this dream with all of us.
[2010/12/04 13:15]  Cobramax Mechanique: Ltjg BRana Balbozar left us a legacy of service, may we all strive to imitate it
[2010/12/04 13:15]  Cobramax Mechanique: Ltjg BRana Balbozar, my friend
i will always remember you
[2010/12/04 13:16]  Cobramax Mechanique: Security chief, the honor guard ceremony please
[2010/12/04 13:16]  Sereana Westland: Aye Sir
[2010/12/04 13:16]  Sereana Westland: Detail. Present Arms!
[2010/12/04 13:17]  Sereana Westland: Detail. Prepare to fire!
[2010/12/04 13:17]  Katrina Bixby: Stands for the send off….!
[2010/12/04 13:17]  Sereana Westland: Ready
[2010/12/04 13:17]  Sereana Westland: Aim
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Fire
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Ready
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Aim
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Fire
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Falo Priestman:
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Ready
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Aim
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Fire
[2010/12/04 13:18]  Sereana Westland: Detail. Order to Arms.
[2010/12/04 13:19]  JD Matova: / holster
[2010/12/04 13:19]  Sereana Westland: /holster
[2010/12/04 13:21]  Falo Priestman: ty admiral for your words
[2010/12/04 13:22]  Cobramax Mechanique: Ltjg BRana Balbozar, of the klingon empire of nedra, and an Officer of GalaxyFleetCommand
[2010/12/04 13:22]  Cobramax Mechanique: i commend your body to the infinite space
[2010/12/04 13:22]  Cobramax Mechanique: farewell
[2010/12/04 13:22]  Katrina Bixby: waves
[2010/12/04 13:23]  Sereana Westland salutes Ltjg. Balbozar
[2010/12/04 13:23]  Falo Priestman: Dear family, dear friends of BRana, dear guests,
[2010/12/04 13:23]  Gandalf Nakamura salutes to brana
[2010/12/04 13:23]  Falo Priestman: today its a hard day for me, for us.
[2010/12/04 13:24]  Falo Priestman: I have, we have to say Goodbye to BRana Balbozar, to my beloved wife. It’s so sad, that she left me, left us.
[2010/12/04 13:24]  Falo Priestman: I remember the first day I met her, such as if it were yesterday…
[2010/12/04 13:24]  Falo Priestman: It was on 2008/03/24, I got a call to come to the Counsellors office, and there she was, the sweetest klingon girl i’ve ever met.
[2010/12/04 13:25]  Falo Priestman: I showed her the life in our group, me met us daily, we talked, we laughed, we had same interests.
And so it happends, I fell in love with her and she loved me too.
[2010/12/04 13:25]  Falo Priestman: Few weeks later, on 2008/04/19 we married. Some of you will remember this day…..
We had a good time, full of love and work.
[2010/12/04 13:25]  Falo Priestman: BRana worked hard on her plan to unite the best ideals by Starfleet and Klingon Empire. For that she founded the Klingon Empire of Nedra.
She build the IKV Qangon, a klingon bird of prey, and gave it to us as a gift….
[2010/12/04 13:26]  Katrina Bixby: nods
[2010/12/04 13:26]  Falo Priestman: Our love was not only in Second Life, our love grew in Real Life too. We talked a lot, skyped…. and more and more our rl love grew.
We had plans for our real life future…. now it’s history
[2010/12/04 13:26]  Falo Priestman: And now… my heart is full of sorrow and pain.
[2010/12/04 13:26]  Falo Priestman: My beloved BRana, her real name was Melanie, passed away after a long illness on 2010/11/06 and I fell into a deep hole.
She was a wonderful woman in real life too, with a big heart.
[2010/12/04 13:27]  Falo Priestman: But the life was not always kind to her. She lost her little son after a serious illness some years ago.
So I could help her with my presence, my words, my love….
[2010/12/04 13:27]  Falo Priestman: But now…. Melanie passed away…..
I miss her so much, our talks….
[2010/12/04 13:28]  Falo Priestman: Never ever I can hear her „I love you my prince“ in SL and RL.
[2010/12/04 13:28]  Isra Laval wipes a tear away
[2010/12/04 13:28]  Falo Priestman: Now she is there where no one can hurt her, no she is together with her son at a better place.
The only things I have is to remember her, to remember of our love.
[2010/12/04 13:28]  Falo Priestman: I will say Thank You to all my family here in SL, to my friends for their compassionate words, for given me help in these hard days. Without your presence and help I would still fall deeper into the hole of despair. Thank you to all of you.
[2010/12/04 13:29]  Falo Priestman: Farewell my darlling, my love. Farewell my princess.
[2010/12/04 13:29]  Falo Priestman: I feel guilty, my love. I feel guilty, that my love was not strong enough to hold you.
[2010/12/04 13:29]  Falo Priestman: Farewell my princess, I hope you can forgive my fault…
[2010/12/04 13:30]  Falo Priestman: And if there is a God, I ask him to protect Melanie and her son, at the place where are they now.
[2010/12/04 13:30]  Falo Priestman: I miss you so much. I love you Melanie.
[2010/12/04 13:30]  Falo Priestman: Farewell my love, my princess.
[2010/12/04 13:31]  Falo Priestman:
[2010/12/04 13:32]  Cobramax Mechanique: I commit the Fleet to be your support Captain
[2010/12/04 13:32]  Falo Priestman: ty sir
[2010/12/04 13:34]  Falo Priestman hears the music and cries
[2010/12/04 13:34]  Falo Priestman: i shall say ty to all from melanies brother in rl
[2010/12/04 13:35]  Falo Priestman: he have internet problems and cant come to the ceremony
[2010/12/04 13:35]  Katrina Bixby: listens to the stream….
[2010/12/04 13:35]  Falo Priestman: but he will say thank you to all of you to honor melanie/Braba
[2010/12/04 13:35]  Falo Priestman: Brana
[2010/12/04 13:36]  Cobramax Mechanique: ty Capt
[2010/12/04 13:36]  Falo Priestman: now we should give Branas friends the time for some last words
[2010/12/04 13:37]  Gandalf Nakamura motions to say some words
[2010/12/04 13:38]  Gandalf Nakamura: i like to say some words
[2010/12/04 13:39]  Gandalf Nakamura: greetings to all
[2010/12/04 13:39]  Gandalf Nakamura: we lost a awesome person
[2010/12/04 13:39]  Gandalf Nakamura: she was my sis of law and i was falos groomsman at their wedding
[2010/12/04 13:40]  Gandalf Nakamura: she was a great builder and scripter and created a awesome looking klingon warbird for GFC RPs
[2010/12/04 13:41]  Gandalf Nakamura: let me say it soo, while using her ship for our rps she will live in our minds and hearts
[2010/12/04 13:42]  Gandalf Nakamura: i will never forget you brana *wipes a tear away* and i am sure you are looking now down to us and that you are smiling
[2010/12/04 13:42]  Gandalf Nakamura: farewell sis
[2010/12/04 13:42]  Gandalf Nakamura: thank you all
[2010/12/04 13:42]  Falo Priestman: ty bros
[2010/12/04 13:44]  Katrina Bixby: I would like to say a few sords
[2010/12/04 13:44]  Katrina Bixby: Mrs Barbosa was awesome it is true
[2010/12/04 13:44]  Katrina Bixby: I married her and Capt Priestman
[2010/12/04 13:44]  Katrina Bixby: 2008
[2010/12/04 13:45]  Katrina Bixby: after that I only did business with her
[2010/12/04 13:45]  Katrina Bixby: Mrs Balbozar
[2010/12/04 13:45]  Katrina Bixby: was extremely talented
[2010/12/04 13:45]  Katrina Bixby: I marveled at her abilities
[2010/12/04 13:45]  Katrina Bixby: we will miss her blows a kiss
[2010/12/04 13:46]  Falo Priestman: ty maam
[2010/12/04 13:47]  Darkened Rain: Maybe I can add my 2 cents if I am not in anyones way
[2010/12/04 13:48]  Darkened Rain: This is actually my alt, due to circumstances i cannot acces my main, some of you know her as Airethilien Banach.
[2010/12/04 13:48]  Darkened Rain: I was roleplay director and Chief of Security for the group known as Alpha Fleet
[2010/12/04 13:48]  Darkened Rain: and in that role i had the honour of meeting BRana, when she was still building her Klingon sim
[2010/12/04 13:49]  Darkened Rain: I remember I spend i think it were, several hours just awe-ing at her creation
[2010/12/04 13:49]  Darkened Rain: and listening to her describing the how and why
[2010/12/04 13:51]  Darkened Rain: Sadly, I have only know her short, and I was hoping to learn to know her better. But after not seeing her on for some time I learned she had fallen ill. And now, she has left us.
[2010/12/04 13:51]  Darkened Rain: She had much to contribute to Star Trek in SL, and to anyone knowing her in any life.
[2010/12/04 13:52]  Darkened Rain: And she has done as well, and I just wish everyone here at GFC much strength and support to cope with this, and you too Falo.
[2010/12/04 13:53]  Falo Priestman: ty for your words
[2010/12/04 13:53]  Darkened Rain: welcome.
[2010/12/04 13:55]  Sereana Westland: Honors, Hut!
[2010/12/04 13:55]  JD Matova: ::salutes::
[2010/12/04 13:55]  Cobramax Mechanique: We now commend our friend to infinite space
[2010/12/04 13:56]  Thomas Aker: ::salutes::
[2010/12/04 13:56]  Isra Laval salutes
[2010/12/04 13:56]  Sereana Westland salutes
[2010/12/04 13:56]  Ave Vollmar salutes
[2010/12/04 13:57]  Darkened Rain salutes
[2010/12/04 13:57]  Katrina Bixby: Salutes
[2010/12/04 13:57]  Da5id Weatherwax salutes
[2010/12/04 13:57]  nemesis Nissondorf salutes
[2010/12/04 13:57]  Andromeda Quonset: /salutes
[2010/12/04 13:58]  Katrina Bixby: Salutes
[2010/12/04 13:58]  Nimue Davi: salutes
[2010/12/04 13:58]  Gimonia Horten: salutes
[2010/12/04 13:59]  Avina Arun: crys
[2010/12/04 13:59]  Katrina Bixby: GFC theme song,
[2010/12/04 13:59]  Avina Arun: stops looking at the pictures
[2010/12/04 14:00]  TimoL McMillan: a special thank you to the honor guard…
[2010/12/04 14:00]  Thomas Aker nods
[2010/12/04 14:00]  Cobramax Mechanique: this concludes the Memorial service, ty all for your attendance
[2010/12/04 14:00]  Falo Priestman: ty all for honor BRana
[2010/12/04 14:00]  Darkened Rain: thank you Falo, and all of GFC for having me here
[2010/12/04 14:01]  Falo Priestman: yw
[2010/12/04 14:01]  Sereana Westland: now make sure you remove your weapons before i report you all *grins softly*
[2010/12/04 14:01]  Gimonia Horten: aye Chief
[2010/12/04 14:01]  Thomas Aker: you going to dismiss the guard maam
[2010/12/04 14:02]  Sereana Westland: Honor Guard. Stand down

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